Development and management consultancy

About Us

The founders of Sybring have over 40 years of experience in IT and they want to take a new step into the future.
Enjoy the adventure with us and follow us over the bridge!

Thomas Carlsson (CEO)

Thomas has a long experience from IT industry where he started off working with production testing at Ericsson, and 18 years later he ended his employment at Ericsson as project manager.

Since year 2000 Thomas is active in the IT consulting industry, where he has held several different leading roles.

Since 2015 he owns a consulting company, offering headhunting services as well as consultant services in Development, Test and Management.

 Thomas says:

”At Sybring we cherish our fine values ​​that permeate our thinking on all levels which you can read about below. And don’t forget all the fun things we do like conference travels, exercises, lectures and pub visits. Let’s have fun!”


We are 100% on site with the customer if the customer so wishes. We also offer to perform the assignments from our own offices or at the customer’s premises.

We follow trends and development professionally in the industry – our consultants know what is happening in the industry!




Quality is of paramount importance to us.

We actively work with quality at all levels with continuous follow-up and improvement on our processes.

We want to understand what the customer wants, that we have an agreement and an acceptance of what is possible.

We work for well thought-out architectures and code that is maintainable.




Only way to keep up with the changing IT world is by having a curiosity to learn more. We strive to learn more so we can surprise our customers with our knowledge.



One of the key success factors for successful deliveries, is good communication with customers.

Our consultants are social skilled with good competencies in order to deliver a successful solution to our customers.



We believe that everyone has a place at Sybring, no matter gender, racial or religious background.

Both our customers and employees should feel important and valuable. With Sybring, our customers and consultants are more than order and employment number.

We are all equal and we are all contributing to striving forward.



We want to leave this planet as a better place to our next generations.

That’s why we at Sybring are involved in climate compensation that is in line with the UN 2030 goals for a Sustainable Development​!