Our core values


Working as a consultant with us is characterized by competence. We always offer our consultants opportunities for skill development to maintain the highest possible quality.

Freedom of choice

With us, you can choose the salary model that suits you best. As a consultant with us, you have the opportunity to influence how your work should be structured and organized.

Skill development

We value a fun workplace characterized by sustainability, camaraderie, and social engagement. Equal treatment for everyone - regardless of background, education, or orientation.

Sybring is changing and challenging the norm.

We are the small consulting firm that attracts and challenges by recruiting the best talent.
We make an impact on our clients by being the personal and engaging consulting company. We value work-life balance.
We value work-life balance.
We promote an active lifestyle with wellness and a sustainable approach to work, where we see each other as equals and our differences as strengths and potential for success.

Sybring was founded in 2018, and to this day, Thomas Carlsson is the CEO and owner of the company.
The name Sybring consists of two words, "System" and "Bring," something that has always characterized the company's approach with entrepreneurs in several countries. Finding competence and always delivering is a hallmark of Sybring.

Thomas has been working in the consulting industry since 2000. Before that, he worked for many years at the telecommunications company Ericsson.

Since 2015, he also owns itost-Konsult in Östergötland, which supports Sybring in recruiting entrepreneurs. Sybring is the consulting company where the approach is characterized by sustainability, high competence, and satisfied customers and employees.

The team who works at Sybring

Thomas Carlsson

CEO, Sales

Skills: Project Management, Leadership, Sales

Anna Berg

anna berg

Project manager

Skills: Electrical engineer, Project manager

Anna Borgslycka Sybring färg

anna borgslycka

sales manger

Skills: Sales

Henrik Sorin Hildebrand

Projektledare och Försäljning

Kunskaper: Webbutveckling, Marknadsföring, Projektledning, Försäljning


Från vårt nätverk kan vi erbjuda entreprenörer som jobbar med:

Projektledning, Testledning, Chef/Ledarskap, Fullstack utveckling, Frontend/Backend, .Net, Java, C/C++, Elingenjör

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