We strive to address our customers' needs.

Our team of specialists is ready to tackle your most demanding projects and provide you with results that exceed your expectations.

Who are we?

Sybring is a consulting firm with a network of local, national, and international consultants. Our specialists have expertise in various areas, ranging from management to software and electrical design. They are always prepared to handle advanced, technical solutions for our clients. Feel free to challenge us.

Our way of working

På Sybring arbetar vi på ett effektivt och praktiskt sätt för att alltid kunna tillsätta konsulter snabbt, samt stötta dem i deras nya roller. Vi ser till att våra konsulter får coachning, att de ständigt utvecklas i sina uppdrag  och levererar det som efterfrågas.


We match the right consultant to the right assignment by handpicking specialists from our extensive network.


We always provide coaching to our consultants before, during, and after their assignments to ensure that everything feels comfortable for both them and the client.


We ensure that our consultants have the right conditions to develop through each assignment they undertake.


We quality assure the assignments through continuous follow-up with each client.

Some of our excellent clients

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