Thomas, Rickard and Henrik from Sybring visited Norrköping Airport.

The network "God Morgon Norrköping," which was coordinated by Norrköping municipality's business department, had Jocke Ljungqvist as moderator who held the threads.

A morning that started with a nice breakfast and some mingling, but which then surprised with very exciting information about the airport's future plans.

During the visit, we got to listen to several speakers, including:
Peter Jansson, CEO of Norrköping Airport.
Jessica Ågren Ohlsson, marketing manager for the airport.
Svante Swärd Rudstrom, business developer.

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Good morning!!

På fredagen började Sybring dagen genom att ansluta sig till morgonpigga individer på Näringslivsavdelningens nätverksevenemang, God Morgon Norrköping. På dagens

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